Imagine having someone in your corner who’s talented, reliable, efficient, can offer solutions, brainstorm ideas with you, and be your #1 cheerleader. A dream, right? Nope - a reality! That’s where we come in.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey, but we don’t think you should have to go it alone! We team up with our clients and work closely with them to simplify and scale their businesses so they can ditch the overwhelm and expand their impact. 

we believe we are better together!

let's do this!

You have a huge library of resources but you've realized its time to stop consuming and need strategic help in moving the needle forward. 

Looking to scale their business and need systems and operations in place to make the backend of the business flow seamlessly 

Desiring dedicated support who is committed to your vision as much as you are

this is perfect for entrepreneurs who are:

Here’s what I tell everyone that I work with: Your business is my client, but I am your person. Together we will sort through the ideas in your head, the challenges that you are facing and break it all down into actionable steps to get you where you want and NEED to be in your business.

During this 3-month  retainer, we will focus on bringing clarity to your business, strategic planning, and accountability. 

Strategic Business Consulting

Working with Abby on navigating my business's transition to an agency model has been so refreshing and helpful. I feel like she really met my energy, brought her expertise, and encouraged me to go for it. After our call, I feel equipped with a plan on how to move forward and know that I have a support system through her. I'm so grateful I reached out to her! 

Jillian Dolberry

let's do this!

Ready to uplevel their business and are ready to outsource the day to day operations. 

Looking to scale their business and need systems and operations in place to make the backend of the business flow seamlessly 

Desiring dedicated support who is committed to your vision as much as you are

this is perfect for entrepreneurs who are:

An Online Business Manager works with clients to create custom-built strategies that will move your business forward. We call our OBMs the “big-picture thinkers” because they are experts in project management and delegation, helping our clients come up with a road map to reach their goals. 

During this 3-month OBM retainer, we will focus on high-priority projects to move the needle forward in your business so you can scale. 

OBM Quarterly Retainer

Abby has been the easiest addition to my business... ever! It's really important that I bring on leaders and problem solvers onto my team and Abby is exactly that! Not to mention her crazy ability to organize and manage details! When we launched my mastermind for the first time she was the one who really bore the burden and made sure everything for the launch worked as it should! It was our best launch yet 60k+!! And I know I would not have been able to market it and make those sales the way it needed if Abby hadn't been there! Forever Grateful for her!

carli anna

let's do this!

Ready to outsource to gain back freedom of time

Desiring someone who can seamlessly integrate into their business to support current and future tasks

Tired of being caught up in the smaller tasks because it takes your attention and time away from moving the needle forward in your business. 

this is perfect for entrepreneurs who are:

Ready to start outsourcing in your business to gain back margin to do more of what you love and focus on your YES list? The things that ONLY YOU can do in your business. Partnering with the Abby Martinez & Co family for your VA needs is the right choice. We pride ourselves on seamlessly integrating into your business to help lighten your load.

We can help you with social media management, admin, tech, email marketing + MORE!   

a 3 month commitment where we will work together to take tasks off your plate so you can focus on the things only you can do! 

Virtual Assistance 

Working with Abby Martinez Co. has been INCREDIBLE! I've experienced a great deal of turnover in the last year and was honestly a little hesitant about bringing another new team member on. Abby helped ease my mind and ensured that her people were highly vetted and had experience to support me in my business. Within just a couple weeks, I saw the amazing value that Abby's team brought to my business. I've had projects I've put off for months in my business that I now had the freedom and margin to complete because of the help on my team. Truly amazing!! I'm so deeply grateful for Abby and her agency!

Dahlia Orth

work with us!

this is perfect for entrepreneurs who Want:

A quick turn around on a system set up 

An organized project management tool with all moving parts of the business in once place for the entire team to work from. 

A robust CRM system to manage their client communication, invoices, and more. 

Our VIP Days are great for the entrepreneur who needs a system set up and wants to get it done quickly. We will clear our schedule for the day to focus solely on you and your business, tackling your project of choice. During your VIP Day, we will kick off with a strategy call, then get to work right away and deliver you a completed project at the end of the day. 

examples of VIP projects: Clickup/Asana set up, Honeybook/Dubsado setup. 

1 day of dedicated support to your project


Ready to experience the power of partnership? 

Working with Abby Martinez & Co has been a game changer for my business. Abby and her team anticipate my needs, if I pass something off to them I know it will be handled and they are always thinking ahead. I now know I can unplug and my business will still be running, and everything will get done. The amount of peace and freedom this has given me is incredible. 

morgan northway

let's do this

obm readiness guide

ready to find out if its time for an Obm?

the time is now

You're tired of the day to day operations taking up all your precious work time leaving little to no time left to let creativity flow. You know you're ready to go to the next level in your biz but you also know you can't go there alone! Ready to find out if an OBM is right for you? Grab my guide below...

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