Learn How to Launch your Profitable VA biz in 6 weeks!

Ready to ditch the 9-5 and design A LIFE OF FREEDOM?

what students are saying...

Abby is very helpful and kind. She gave us clear step by step tasks to complete to build a VA business. It made a big difference for me that she also infused positive thinking into the lessons. There are tough and frustrating times in the business building process and life when we need those reminders to get through.

You could learn first hand from someone that has successfully built a thriving VA business (that replaced my 9-5 income in 3 months) in less than a year. (yep I had a 9-5 just 12 months ago and a toddler at home that I missed terribly)

You had a proven step by step roadmap of exactly how to start and launch your profitable VA business 

You knew exactly what to say to magnetically attract your dream clients to book out your VA business 

You’ve tried every free guide, YouTube video, and joined every Facebook group under the sun out there to learn how to get your VA business off the ground and it’s just not working. 

You’re craving the laptop freedom life is for you and you dream of doing your work from the comfort of your own home, spending more time with your family, and creating your own schedule.

It may feel like your goal of working from home is a far fetched dream

Let me guess...

But, imagine if...

Struggling to create a sustainable work from home career with unlimited income potential? I’ve got you friend. 

I see you over there scrollin’ Instagram watching from the sidelines while women you envy are building their dream life. I know this because I too sat in your seat just 2 years ago while I spent hours trying to figure out how to leave my 9-5 and work from home with my littles. 

Becoming a virtual assistant is the SMARTEST decision you can make if you want to be fully in charge of your life and income potential.

It’s time to stop sitting on the sidelines wondering when it will be your turn to ditch the 9-5… it’s TIME to launch your profitable virtual assistant business  

Regardless of your season of life, this coaching program was created for you!



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"Abby! You're simply amazing! Thank you so much for helping me get my VA business started and land my first client within 30 days! You've been so resourceful to me while starting my business!"

Avery Ann

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Jordan Turner

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Get paid great money (I’m talking replace your income and then some) because you learned how to serve your clients well

How to leverage your existing skill set to create offerings you’re excited about

To cut through the noise on the internet and get down to the actionable steps that will actually build your business

In this course you’ll learn…..

Set your own schedule so you can seamlessly run your business while enjoying work-life balance

how to spend more time with your family and still make a great income

how to serve others well and build your business by word of mouth, 

How to launch your VA biz in just 6 weeks!

I remember a time not too long ago when I was staying up late searching the internet on how to create a profitable work from home job. It was exhausting and I felt like the dream of leaving my 9-5 to be able to work from home with my littles was out of reach. 

Until virtual assistance fell into my lap…
I wasn’t even looking for VA work and if you had asked me just over 2 years ago if I would be running my own successful business I would have laughed and said “I wish!” BUT here I am! 

So I decided maybe I could share my secrets with other aspiring VA’s. 

Now it’s your turn. You don’t need to keep scrolling the internet to find a way to create a profitable (and flexible) work from home career. Let me show you exactly how it's done...

Hi! I'm Abby


Student review

Abby is a wonderful teacher and fantastic at guiding new VAs in learning what services they want to provide. VA school teaches how to set up your business for success with structure, systems, and strategy for finding and working with clients. Abby is great, she is helpful, and always listens to what your challenges and questions are and gives well-thought-out advice and guidance. Highly Recommend!

Avery Ann

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Jordan Turner

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To build a sustainable business we must first lay the foundation for the life you desire to build.

Module 1

What's Included in the Coaching Program

Setting the Foundation

Together we'll figure out exactly how to price your services for a profitable and sustainable business!

module 2

Getting Clear on Your Offerings & Pricing for Profit

Your potential clients need a place to find you and check you out

module 3

Building your Online Presence

Learn how to set up new clients the RIGHT way so you can manage your business with ease and deliver a high end experience that gets you referrals left and right 

module 4

The New Client Setup

>> Identify and align with your WHY so you end up with a business that supports the life of freedom you desire
>> Get clear on the VA role, what it is and how to rock it
>>Uncover the skill set you already have
>> Get legally legit (you know the stuff that makes sure you get PAID legally) 

>>Learn how to leverage the skill you already have
>>Figure out what the marketplace is looking for 
>>Identify your ideal client
>>Craft irresistible offerings & learn how to price them
>>Set up your business office hours
>>Set revenue goals for your business

>>Identify your path for your online presence 
>>Learn the platform to build your website 
>>Understand how to use social media to leverage your business

>>Learn my favorite CRM to manage your clients
>>How to send proposals (and where to get the best contracts) 
>>Grab my welcome guide template to wow your new clients
>>Setting expectations from the start so you can have clear boundaries
>>How to manage your clients information and the tasks you’ll complete for them using my favorite project management tool

It’s time to start booking those clients! 

module 5

Booking Clients

>>Identify places to find clients
>>Learn how to manage your leads
>>The art of the discovery call that has you booking clients on repeat 
>> Leveraging your existing network

You're ready to launch your business to the world! This module will help you hone in on your launch plan of action. We will also reflect & celebrate on your progress! 

module 6

Let's Launch & Celebrate!

"If you're ready to become a VA you absolutely need Abby in your life. She will teach you everything you need to do to book your calendar with dream clients!"

jenni maroney

let's do this!

+ 6 jam-packed modules to get you setup for success
+ Access to a private FB group to collaborate with other students in the program 
+ Business System Trainings to use for your biz and for your future client's business
+ templates galore for all the things you could ever need!

Launch your profitable VA Biz in 6 Weeks!

What to expect

I'm so thankful for Abby and VA School. Before starting with VA School, I didn't feel confident in my skills or my ability to have the chance to go full time - it never felt possible. I now know that I can absolutely do it and have a wonderful support team behind me. Abby constantly reminds me that she knows I can do it, which is such a valuable push. Watch out world, here comes a fully qualified (and backed) creative virtual assistant!



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How do I know if I'm ready for this? I'm afraid I'll feel like an imposter...

If you've even thought about it for a second, YOU'RE READY! Your mind will try to tell you all the reasons you're not ready, but trust me when I say there is a seat at the table for you! You'll have access in our FB community to share your thoughts and worries along the way and I'll help guide you through any mindset blocks. 
When does the program being?
You get instant access to the course to go through at your own pace. 

Can I join even if I don't know what I want to offer?
100%! During this 6 week program we will leverage your existing skill set to come up with your offers that align to your vision and desires. As well as to the needs of the marketplace. 

Have Questions? I've got answers.

How much time will this take?

Each module is meant to take you 1 hour to fully watch, and digest the information. I would give yourself another 1-3 hours per week for implementation (if you're going the 6 week route) If you need longer, you can go at your own pace. 
Is the VA world too saturated?

Not at all. Yes, there are many VA's out there BUT there is room for you too! Even with the wide variety of VA's on the internet I get requests for referrals weekly and guess who I will send them to? YOU! 

I have more questions, can I contact you?

Absolutely! Shoot me an email at hello@abbymartinez.co and we can connect! 

STOP trying to figure everything out alone. Press the easy button and I'll give you the roadmap to launching your profitable VA business!


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